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In this tough time of Covid-19, though their may be many problems
still Ganpati Bappa will come to our Home because that is our Tradition.

This year avoid coming out of your home, we will bring bappa at your door with full safety and precautions.


Covid-19 has caused problems to all skilled craftsmen who put their efforts and savings in creating the idols.

To help them fight this pandemic and economic distress, We as responsible engineers from Aurangabad, Jalna, Sangli and Amravati are running this Social yet Traditional initiative.

MUSHAK - More than an Initiative

               As an individual, we think ‘can I make a difference? ‘‘Can changing small things make difference?’  If you expect a yes, then you’re right! We as engineering students started with the same dilemma and ended up with a common problem curbing the spread of covid-19 but how should we do our part? So we thought why will get out in the coming month, the answer was Ganesh Utsav- the festival of Lord Ganesha. But we all were in different cities, so we thought about converting this weakness into strength so why don’t we do it in our hometowns!

               We started Mushak.online as an alternative for you to stepping out and getting the Ganesh idol of your choice from home. Along with that came a sense of responsibility towards the skilled artists of our respective cities so we upgraded our initiative with a social responsibility and a non- profit venture. And being a customer centric organization, we wanted no more hassles, cash issues and above all maximum security from covid-19. With those being our prime motive we started contacting various artists in our respective cities and created a website to feature their work with an e-commerce style so that people can buy those and get them home delivered with full safety.

In a way, when you purchase from Mushak you provide livelihood to the artists, avoid the covid-19 and celebrate Ganesh Utsav with your family in a safe manner!


We are currently operational in

  1. Aurangabad [MH 20] – Hardik Patni, Guruprasad Zagade, Tanmay Deshpande

  2. Amravati [MH 27] – Mandar Dange

  3. Jalna [MH 21] – Ajinkya Shinde

  4. Sangli [MH 10] – Jeet Kansagara, Vishwajeet Rajopdhye

  5. Akola [MH 30] – Dhruv Agarwal


Support the cause and contribute to the safety of India with Ganpati Bappa!

       –By Ajinkya Shinde


Ajinkya Shinde

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